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Proof of loss is the key to Maximum recovery


They say "a picture is worth a thousand words"; well... it may be also worth thousands of dollars.

Your insurance company is on your side. But, they need to protect themselves from bloated claims of value. Since a fire can destroy an item completely, if it is worth a significant amount of money, you need to document its condition can value. There are 2 ways to do this. First: Keep receipts for high ticket items in a protected space, a good fire safe can do this, but even they can get hot enough to destroy the receipts. So if you take a photo of the receipt with your cell phone, it will get backed up to your provider if you have that setup, if not scan it to your computer with a good backup service provided it will always be there.
Second: Talk pictures of valuable items,and all the areas of your home to prove the existence of the items in your home. This photo inventory will be crucial if there are any disputes to the validity of your claim.

Home owners and Business Insurance policies have limits on the value of personal belongings. Check your policy, if it seems low for a small increase you can rase this amount as you accumulate more possessions, and in the case of a businesses the same applies to fixtures and inventory.

After a fire, you need to document the loss of property. But, DO NOT ENTER THE PREMISSES UNTIL THE FIRE DEPARMENT HAS CLEARED IT FOR REOCCUPATION.
To do this:

  • Take pictures of the overall damages caused by the fire.
  • Take pictures of items damaged in the fire. Remember you have 2 claims for insurance, The structure and the possessions. if you are a renter the possessiones are your primary concern.
  • Smoke damage is another important area to document. this is when the ability to use your cell phone to video the areas that are not burned but have smoke damage. You can show the soot on items, and describe the ordure you smell in the rooms.
  • Water Damage from extinguishing the fire is another area to be concerned about. pictures and videos of the damage will help you recover the money you deserve.
  • You have a fiduciarily responsibly to reduce the loss after the fire has been put out. You should remove all undamaged items and rent a storage unit to protect them. Check with your insurance agent to see if you have coverage for the storage costs, and for temporary housing. Look for “Loss of Use or Loss of Rents” clause in your policy to understand how long you can stay outside of your home, and the coverage for storage. If you do not have housing coverage the Red Cross can help in most cases.
  • Don't wait to review your insurance policy after a loss incurs. It is to late to adjust the coverage, and it can make the difference between making it like it never happened.
  • Cooperate and make yourself available for the investigators, claim adjusters, police and any other officials who have questions. Delays at this stage can draw out the process longer than it needs to be.


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